West 74th Residence Supportive Social Services

Social Work Services

Our team of four professional Masters-level social workers can play a variety of roles in order to support the quality of life of our residents.  We are available to coordinate health care, choose health insurance options, and work with social security and Medicare issues.  We also provide information and referral to an array of community resources.

The staff is available to support people if they need to go to the hospital, and in many cases is able to visit residents during their hospital stay.   We are also available to assist individuals and often families, as they experience the many facets of aging.

In a broader sense, our social work staff works to foster not only the well-being of individual residents, but a sense of community within the Residence.  By providing supportive and therapeutic groups we hope to strengthen the mutual bonds that are the building blocks of community.  We value the healing power of mutual self-help.